Anal Dilator Set Large Size Transparent

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Anal Dilator Set Large Size Transparent Description

A larger set for those who really want a wide open anus. These are incredible and take off where our regular set of anal dilators leave off. It must be emphasized, these are very large, do not get these unless you can either take a fist, or can easily slip in a large butt plug, or have progressed through our standard size anal dilators first. These are not meant to be a first time, open the asshole up thing. There were two design criteria with this set. The first was to go bigger in the same graduated way as our standard dilators, for those who wanted an even bigger hole. The second was to keep the length the same. In other words, as the dilator got bigger, we did not want to go with a longer length. The reason for this was comfort. If you start making something bigger, and go longer, it starts becoming a matter of not just stretching the asshole, but also stretching deeper inside as well. What this means is as the size gets larger, the nose becomes more blunt. This offers some advantages. For one, it makes it harder to insert unless you really have opened up the asshole first, you can’t just jamb it, which is definitely not a good idea. The second is you aren’t going so deep as to cause extreme discomfort way up inside when all you really want to do it open up the asshole. In other words, you can wear these longer since you are only stretching anally, not way deep inside. These dilators work with our dilator harness. Since these are very large, we recommend the harness only for walking around with this set. If you sit with the harness on, do so very carefully as you are putting a lot of stress on the harness, the dilator, as well as the asshole. All dilators are open at the base and have a small quarter inch hole at the end to allow pressure equalization and gas to escape.

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