Axovus Little Devil Electric Toy

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Axovus Little Devil Electric Toy Description

Warning: Current must never flow through the heart. Do not use if you have a pacemaker are pregnant if you suffer from epilepsy or on any broken or inflamed skin. A nice little compact electrical toy. When the two spikes contact skin they give off a mild to fairly intense electrical shock (comparable to a unit or a medium setting on a Violet Wand). Features three settings constant fast pulse and slow pulse. 5 overall length belt clip included. This is the best compact electrical toy you could ever find it runs off of 2 AA batteries (included). The battery life is great one set of batteries will last you months of normal play. Once you’ve tried it it’s a must have for your toy box. The sensation is a sharp tingling feeling a very fast pulsating electrical feel to it that will have your playmate squirming for hours. The beauty of this toy is its portability and ease of use leave it by your bedside for some spontaneous play the Little Devil is ready to go at a moments notice. Experiment on different parts of the body the thrilling sensation of pleasure and pain at the same time will have them begging for more. It’s safe to use on all body parts but please use some common sense this is not recommended for anyone with a pacemaker or a heart condition.

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