Sexflesh Jenny 3D Extreme Love Doll Masturbator

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Sexflesh Jenny 3D Extreme Love Doll Masturbator Description

Most love dolls are full and luscious in the front, but fall flat from behind. Flip her, fondle her, no matter which way you take her, Jenny is just like the real thing in every dimension. Expertly layered for extreme realism, the dual density design allows for realistic firmness in strategic spots, such as the hips and upper torso, with succulent softness in others. Her velvety soft and flawless peach colored skin is begging for your touch. Run your hands across her perky nipples, grip her huge, juicy tits, and ram yourself between her full, round ass cheeks. Over 16 inches in length, Jenny is perfectly sized for easy handling, while maintaining a delicious weight and realistic density. Measurements: 16.5 inches in length, 9.75 inches in width, 6.5 inches deep. NOTE: If this product does not arrive in the packing pictured then it is not a real SexFlesh item, despite what the seller says. We suggest you contact Amazon for further action.

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