Getting Genuine Free Dating Sites

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Finding genuine free dating sites can be a minefield for the uninitiated in finding truly free online dating, as well as for many newcomers to the Internet. Because the Internet is an ever-changing environment, information that might have been relevant several years ago or even several months ago may be outdated in this dynamic environment.

Getting Genuine Free Dating Sites

This especially applies to the world of online dating.

A few years ago it was rarely possible to find dating sites that were advertised as completely free, at some point, after registering on a free dating site, participants would be disappointed to find that they would have to pay to read the message that has been sent to your inbox, or pay or renew your membership to read, receive or send messages.

Some sites are really free to receive and send messages, but the quality of these sites may not be satisfactory, but many sites that are not initiated in the world of online dating can be impressed by the site template and are seen by many Participants who register (perhaps every day) and they may not realize that most of the membership is not genuine, but simply created by the site administrator to create the impression that it is a busy site.

But this does not stop there, there is an alarming trick used by some sites where any genuine member who subscribes to their free dating site suddenly receives their email, full of messages from other participants stating how much they would like to meet the message, apparently from very beautiful and beautiful members, with a single purpose; force members to renew their membership with a credit card or other payment method to premium membership, although unknowingly these messages come from bots, pre-programmed scripts executed by the site administrator, to trick people into improving their membership.

Unfortunately, this does not end there, because after the unfortunate member has been upgraded to a premium membership, the chances of canceling even after canceling their membership on the site are very low, since the required monthly subscription will be deducted your credit card for the current future, no matter how many times you request the cancellation of your membership, the only solution in this case is to contact your credit card issuing company and request a cancellation of the card or all payments, the subscription to the specified site will be canceled.


But the main problem is getting people to go to the website and remain regular members of the dating site is one of the most difficult obstacles facing an online dating site or any site in general in this regard.

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