What do Zebra Fishes Eat?; A Care Guide

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Each fish has a special requirement when it comes to its care and maintenance. And hence when you are buying a fish to keep it as a pet, keep in mind that it would require care, just like any other living being. Especially zebra fishes. Many people bring zebra fishes because of their attractive and sleek look, but they don’t even know whatzebra fishes eat.

When you are bringing a living being home, you must take full responsibility for it. Keep a pet you know you can handle and not just something that looks visually appealing.

Many people bring in a zebrafish because its appearance is magnificent and adoring.

How does a Zebrafish look?

Zebra fishes are small but sleek fishes and, most of the time, do not exceed the size of 6 cm in length. Therefore, they make an ideal form of aquarium fishes if kept with proper care and maintenance.

It got its name zebrafish because of the dark blue stripes that run all along its small body, appreciating and complementing its beautiful light yellow body colour.

If you stick your face to your aquarium glass and observe it closely, you’ll be able to see a pair of whiskers which are usually invisible until notices carefully. It brings out another beautiful feature of zebrafishes.

Though both the male and female have an almost similar appearance, you can distinguish them quite easily if you observe them well. For example, females have a bulkier belly while males have a more sleek body overall.

No wonder why people bring such magnificent beauty to their house. But it’s not just about appearance, and you need to know what do zebrafish eat, how much care they need, what type of care they need, and how you carry it out.

These questions are important to know the answer before you bring any pet to your house, even if it is just a fish.

How to take care of zebra fishes?

Zebra fishes are usually very friendly and can not live alone. Hence it is usually advised to keep a group if you are getting zebrafishes. A group of six is usually good.

They usually require quite a lot of space to experience their freedom and grow very well in an open space environment.

Proper cleaning of the tank is necessary when you have zebrafish. Change the water frequently by removing 70-75% of the previous water and adding fresh to the remaining 25%. Zebra fishes love a clean environment.

Also, it is advised to give zebra fishes dry food in just adequate quantity. Otherwise, it could become fatal.

Final Thoughts

Taking good care of any pet is important, and for that, you need to be aware of their care guides.

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