Turnkey renovations: what do you need to know?

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Turnkey renovations, the definitive guide to find out everything about complete restylings that allow you to enjoy your finished home, ready without stress. Is it really worthwhile, which jobs are included and above all will they be well done? This and much more here.

What does it mean to renovate turnkey?

When we talk about turnkey renovation referring to a property we mean a complete service. That is, the contractor or the contractor will undertake to complete the work established and to deliver the renovated and ready-to-use house, habitable. The services must all be present and functioning and the furnishings will be adapted to the new spaces brampton home renovation contractor.

Often today turnkey renovations are carried out that take advantage of the current bonuses and tax deductions, especially of 50% and 110%.

The turnkey restructuring is made up of different organizational and operational phases and it is not a completely simple procedure, but on the contrary it is articulated and requires the utmost competence and organization.

For example, it concerns the project, the collection of estimates, the construction of the systems and the final delivery, just to name a few essential steps.

You, as a customer, will be consulted for the choice of materials, for example, for the verification of the final project and in general only in case of problems or important decisions to be agreed with the impresario or designer. You can see the turnkey renovation as a package, a contract that will allow you to enjoy only the finished work and the home of your dreams ready for use and without stress.

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How the turnkey renovation works

Turnkey renovation is convenient above all because the entrepreneur or the designer will take care of the complete management of the works and of every bureaucratic and practical aspect, in fact you will only enjoy a finished property, ready.

We deepen the most important aspects of turnkey renovations to make you better understand each contractor’s burden.

Planning and administrative practices

The first step to carry out a turnkey renovation, but also a restyling of any size, it is necessary to carry out the appropriate checks at the cadastre, structural, etc.

Subsequently, also in order to benefit from the tax concessions in force such as those relating to the 110% bonus , it is essential to present the documentation to the technical offices of the municipality where the house affected by the works is located.

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