Will it be possible to convert the pistol to the 9×19 mm caliber from February?

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Until today the problem has always been the opposite one , 9×19 mm pistols that had to be converted to the 9×21 IMI to be imported and sold on the civilian market, but from 1 February it will be legitimate to ask whether and how to convert the pistol to 9×19 mm caliber, without changing it. The answer is that in some cases it can be done.

It is obviously not possible to intervene on the original barrel of the pistol ; those two millimeters can be removed, but not added. It will be necessary to buy a spare barrel, which is considered an essential part of the weapon; it must therefore have its own serial number and the hallmark of the National Test Bank. This is a perfectly legal operation that requires a valid title: if you have already bought the pistol, it is assumed that you have a firearms licence. With the mediation of the armory you will first need to find out about the actual availability of the 9×19 mm barrel suitable for your pistol. If the answer is affirmative, there are no problems: once the purchase is made, you will have 72 hours to report its detention. Warning: mandatory reporting as for the complete weapon Conversion kits

Spare barrels do not occupy any place in denunciation . So if you have five or ten 9×21 Imi pistols and you want to convert them all to 9x19mm, there’s no legal or numbers problem: it can be done. The manufacturer, the serial number and the caliber of the new barrel will be transcribed in the specific section of the possession report (usually there is), not among the common or sporting weapons or among the ammunition. It is advisable to indicate that it is a spare barrel, so as not to cause headaches for those who might carry out a check mistaking it for a complete gun.

In addition to building complete guns under our own brand, we also manufacture key parts such as barrels, slides and conversion kits.

Micro Conversion Kits

On our pistols it is almost always possible to create a barrel or a conversion to use it in a different division or in a different caliber, unless this is technically convenient based on the characteristics of the pistol.

For guns from different manufacturers, especially for models that are no longer imported, manufactured or simply where a different configuration is needed, if technically possible, we offer the possibility of creating additional barrels or complete conversion kits.

For more precise information, analysis of the feasibility of the work, both technically and legally, and availability of parts, we are at your disposal.

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