Know the features of a low code development platform

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Digital transformation is essential for all kind of business. It is because people are more aware of digital technologies and looking for a more advanced business. Having an application for business becomes inevitable. Many businesses adopting low code platform as they offer several advantages over traditional development technologies. It helps in building apps at a much faster rate. With traditional coding, one has to enter a lot of code lines, and it takes more than a month to design a proper application. A low-code app development platform is easy for most people with little or no coding knowledge. Unlike traditional development technologies, which takes months to create apps, low-code platforms help to create any business app within a week. Some of the features of the platform are given below.

Drag and drop interface:

You work with simple drag and drop interfaces that help users and developers to create applications visually. It is one of the most useful features that enable an easy development process. Both professional and non-professionals benefit from the convenience of this feature. It is basic to all of them. The users will not face any difficulty while using this application. It is easier for developers to manage code through visual models.

Visual modeling:

Creating applications using visual methods is faster than developing using code. A low code platform comes with built-in components to represent any information in a form that is readable to anyone. It is more helpful to professional developers and business users with no technical skills. Visual modeling is easier to understand than traditional coding, which enables the new developers to grasp application design quickly. Anyone could easily understand the logic of what they want to create.


The right platform will have all the necessary security framework. Built-in security features make the platform safe and reliable. When handling sensitive data, you can’t risk using something that potentially opens up a gateway to hackers. No matter how the platform is functional and appealing if it’s not secure avoid using it. Ensure that you are working on the best platform that offers proper security to protect apps.

Application lifecycle management:

The tool simplifies and streamlines several stages in the application development lifecycle, which includes testing, debugging and deployment. The users get access to information about apps created and their development. It gives the ability to revert to previous versions if needed for better application lifecycle management.

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