Tips for playing escape from tarkov

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Escape of tarkov is one of the most realistic game which is specially developed for the people who are highly addicted to shooter game. This is not only the realistic game but this is also a complicated game than they sound to be. The players are supposed to be more attentive in each and every step forward. Basically the beginners will have great trouble while overcoming these challenges for the first time. Some of the basic tips that can help the beginners to handle this game at its best are revealed in this article.


While playing this game, the gamers must always make sure to keep an eye on their limbs. This is because the game has many health points. To reveal the fact there are about 435 health points involved in the game. In case if their limbs turn black the players are supposed to use painkiller in order to heal the wound, the players are supposed to intake pills. Hence the players must carefully watch the limbs while they are playing.

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The map is another basic thing which is to be concentrated in the game. It is to be noted that the players should always make sure to load up their map. The players can download the map and can have it on their phone or they can also make use of the second monitor. But whatever the option is they must make sure to have a map by their side. When the player tend to have map in their hand there will not be any necessity to buy new one. And on the other side, the players can also find new route by using the map. This will improve their overall performance in the game.


The escape from tarkov cheats is a great tool for the players who want to play the game without any hassles. There are many different cheats that the players can use to win the game easily. However, they must choose the best cheats. They can use the real money for buying the cheats according to the needs. The people who about to use these hacks for the first time can are read the reviews on various hacks and can point out the best one. It is to be noted that these hacks should not be chosen randomly. The players should understand their needs in the game for choosing the best.

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