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Online gaming and trading of goods and services has many different benefits such as:

  • To save money
  • Respect the environment
  • Find what you need second hand online
  • Meet new people
  • Limit the presence of waste in the environment
  • Make room in your home or garage
  • Give another life to still functional objects

Online 꽁머니 payments are popular because it is sustainable and helps to save a lot of money. Among young people it is common to trade in clothes such as jeans, coats, bags or elegant shoes, that is, all those items that are not used on a daily basis. In this way it is possible to show off a vast and always different wardrobe.

Plus, it’s not just clothing that is exchanged. There are many people who, instead of throwing away a mobile phone or a working computer, trade it for another good, such as a bicycle, a playstation, appliances or accesses for the kitchen and much more.

There are so many combinations and online bartering can be a lot of fun as well as useful.

When you need to move to a new house or you need to clear out a garage, it is possible to select the objects present and throw away the broken and irrecoverable ones. Instead, any goods that are still functional can be exchanged for something we would have liked to buy.

The exchange of services and goods allows you to save a lot. In the United States or in any area where the cost of living is high, mothers and grandmothers are organizing to trade baby-sitting services by cutting the costs of this service. While professionals offer free services in their field in exchange for a membership in the gym or hairdresser.

online games

Hypothesis: 2 individuals placed in separate cells are accused of having committed a crime

They cannot communicate with each other.

Each can decide whether to “cooperate” with the other (in which case the strategy is not to confess to having committed the crime) or “not to cooperate” (in which case the strategy is to confess to having committed the crime).

Each box shows the payoffs (winnings) of each player for each given combination of strategies (the number to the left of the comma is the payoff of the row player; the number to the right is the payoff of the column player).

The payoffs represent years to be spent in prison.

In this game, the non-cooperative strategy is a so-called “dominant” strategy; this strategy is the best for every possible choice of the other player. The outcome will therefore be non-cooperative (had the individuals cooperated they would have served only one year in prison and not five).

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