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The components;

          The choice of a personal computer differs quite a lot and it depends on the function that you are expecting from it. In other words, if you are into online gaming and streaming processes, the specifications of the computer that you select have to have the right components that give the required speed of the processor, the RAM which again adds to the functioning of the system, the graphics card, the monitor which gives visually pleasing images and videos, the sound system should support the function and much more. But before you purchase a system that has all these components in the right specifications, you need to visit One Two Stream and learn what to expect from a computer for these needs.


          If you already own a PC and you want to upgrade it for the current needs, then you must think again as this might bring in some issues like the warranty of the components that have come originally with the computer. It is advisable to buy a system that is pre built for the gaming and streaming activities so that these issues do not arise. Sometimes it becomes difficult to upgrade due to certain factors and so one need not get into doing it but buy a system which is already fitted with the required components of the right specifications.

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The models;

          The available models of the computers that are pre built for the purpose of streaming and online gaming are all explained on the webpage and you will certainly benefit by taking a look at the details presented there. The CPU, the RAM, the graphics card and other components are completely explained and the models of the components and how they differ from the other models are all available on the webpage. You need to choose the model that best suits your purpose.

The testing:

          The website that is dedicated to the analysis of the various personal computers that will prove useful in the gaming and streaming functions is where you, must visit and for these results, the One Two Stream team has tested the various systems and has analyzed the reviews of the individuals before the opinion and the suggestions are outlined. It would benefit you immensely by going over these aspects before purchasing the system that is pre built for the purpose and stay away from upgrading the system!

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