Select a best suitable numbing cream for a tattoo

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Getting a tattoo sometimes make harmful to your body. The development in medical research has created new solutions for alleviating the pain of getting tattoos that is numbing cream and it is scientifically proved. Not sure, that all the numbing cream works effectively. Because in some numbing creams there will be missing of important ingredients which are mentioned in the package. Things you need to know when choosing the best Tattoo numbing cream.

Check the numbing cream contains the important ingredient:

Topical anesthetics are drugs that, when applied to the skin, reduce the sense of pain and itching. One of these two active ingredients of numbing creams that are used to relieve the pain of having a tattoo:

  • Lidocaine – It is an amide-based topical anesthetic.
  • Benzocaine – It is an ester-based topical anesthetic.

Lidocaine is the best effective element that is contained in the numbing cream to alleviate pain when getting tattoos.

Know which is best

  • Lidocaine is one of the most powerful amide anesthetics. It has effective pain-reducing agents which are strongly recommended by the dermatologist to apply the cream on the skin before getting the tattoo. Lidocaine has a ph value of less than 7 in an acidic range. It does not cause swelling or peeling of the skin layer. Tattoo design, size shape will not change when you use Lidocaine rich numbing cream before getting tattoos.
  • If you want to get a tattoo inside the lip or on another mucous membrane. Benzocaine is the best option to choose to relieve pain when getting the tattoo. It is the ester-made anesthetic that is medically proved that it has pain-alleviating agents. Benzocaine contained numbing cream is particularly if you want to put a tattoo on mucous membrane area of the body such as gums, inside the mouth, and the anus.

Choose the numbing cream with a PH value of less than 7

Clinical research shows that topical anesthetics with an alkaline pH greater than 7 can not be used as a tattoo numbing agent. Alkaline agents change the surface properties of skin, which can affect pigment and, as a result, the color of the tattoo. A Tattoo numbing cream that relieves the pain of having a tattoo but leaves you with a blurred or dull tattoo defeats the intent of getting a tattoo. It is always difficult to discover a numbing cream’s pH.

So choose a numbing cream before you plan to get a tattoo on your body. Make sure which is best suitable for relieving pain on tattoo placement.


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