The Right To Children’s Custody

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Parenting is a big responsibility either you are a married person or not. You gave birth to the child, so it means you take the full responsibility of a parent, even if it is still inside the womb. The fact that you let the child see the world, you are accepting that you are a parent now. The children’s basic needs are provided, such as:

  • Food
  • Clothes
  • Shelter

All these should be provided by the parents, without any condition. Not to mention the love and care, it is a natural feeling of being a parent. Speaking of being a parent, a single parent has no problem when it comes to the children’s custody. But, it is a different case for the married couple with children.

Who can help?

Not all married couples have a happy living. A lot of families get into trouble that made them decide to separate ways. Therefore, the man or the woman would file for a divorce. So, here comes the situation wherein both parents are fighting for the children’s custody. The custody of the children during a divorce case must not be as complicated as some parents are experiencing now. Houston child custody lawyers offer a free consultation about child custody. These lawyers are offering their services for parents who want to have a clear explanation to whom the children should be under the care. Is it to the custody of the father or the mother? Parents’ relationships should not affect the future of children. Therefore, the child custody lawyers will help both parents understand and assist how the children would grow up successfully and become independent adults regardless of the current status of the parent’s relationship.

Houston child custody lawyers

Who wins the children’s custody?

Regardless of the current relationship of the parents, the future of the children should not be affected by it. It is very important to value the health, education, and future of children. However, parents need to be responsible for providing proper financial support and care. Divorce should not be a reason for parents to lose the responsibility to give their children the right to have a good future. If the parents have a divorce, who is entitled to custody of the children? Family law explains who deserves custody and who has more right to care for a child at an early age.

The primary custody

What is primary custody? Primary custody is a parent’s responsibility wherein a child/children spend more time with a sole parent. Parents must understand that primary custody means one parent has more time for the children, wherein they live on one roof. If both parents can have almost the same percentage of time to the children, but not living on the same roof, then it is called joint custody to the children. Parents must understand both kinds of children’s custody.

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