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Sketching is the meticulous process, which needs creativity, sharp focus, and perfect tools. Many people who begin with generic graphite pencils will struggle to replicate artistic techniques.

Why like that?

Well, the kind of medium used really matters lot. Charcoal was one choice for many artists back then, still it is used widely even today. You are surprised to know level of detail that you will achieve by using such medium. See cave drawings, which were done years before! Without any doubt, after some time of using, you can get to open the imagination and unlock various possibilities! The charcoal pencils for drawing will help you to bring out the artistic side just by creating the striking highlights, and blending to create beautiful tones, or by adding dimension and depth to the pieces.

What Is Charcoal Pencil and Benefits to Look At?

Charcoal pencil is the drawing and sketching medium made by using the compressed charcoal. Not like graphite, they create deeper & richer blacks that offer depth. They generally come in 3 forms, soft, medium, or hard.


Quality you will achieve by using such medium is unrivaled.  Also, you may achieve solid and textured colors, which are evenly toned. It makes your sketches look life-like when you can contrast between the various tones.

Using this gives you the smooth blacks, which adhere rightly to your drawing surface.  They will be blended, and allowing you to produce sophisticated details that will otherwise be tough to get using the graphite pencils.



The charcoal pencils are generally made by encasing the compressed charcoal in wooden jacket. Inner core of this pencil is made by using the combination of the powdered charcoal and binder. That depends on a brand, binder is generally wax or gum. Ratio of this binder & charcoal powder determines hardness of its core.


Unlike a stick, willow, or vine variants, the charcoal pencils are simple to use. Wood barrel increases its grip that makes handling this pencil super simple.  They’re less messy when compared to the sticks, and will not smudge the art easily when compared to other mediums.

One handy feature of using pencils is you may expose different lengths of the charcoal just by chipping its wood casing. It is ideal for shading the large areas fast and easily.


Inner charcoal core will be protected by wood casing. It makes them highly durable and you can sharpen this to expose the specific charcoal level and ensure that you do not waste the material.

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