Importance of Using Right Masks Today

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To be clear in this, wearing face mask doesn’t ensure that you won’t contract the coronavirus that already has at a time of the writing sickened millions & killed thousands of people across the world. What wearing the mask that covers mouth and nose will do is just limit its chance you contract this virus or you spread this to others in case you are infected —possibility even though you’re asymptomatic. As COVID-19 is primarily spread by small droplets that is expelled during sneeze and cough but will also be transferred by the regular exhalation and speaking in the close proximity, wearing these masks, all along with the gloves & right hand washing techniques, are the simple way you give yourself best chance to stay safe and do your part for higher fight against the virus. They give you best chance to stay safe & limiting spread of the virus if you go out. You can wear latest DS Masks that have proved highly effective in spreading this virus.

What’s the face mask?

The facemask is generally used in the medicine as the physical barrier worn over the face that will protect against spread of these diseases through airborne or liquid particles. The mask can be termed as the surgical, dental, isolation and laser mask. The face mask helps to block down the large-particle droplets, sprays, splashes, and splatters that might have germs (bacteria and viruses), keeping it from reaching your nose and mouth of a wearer. The face masks can be worn by the diseased individual for helping to reduce exposure of the saliva & respiratory secretions.

DS Masks

Choosing the Right Mask is Important

The disposable surgical face masks can be worn for protecting yourself from the pollution and dust in environment. It must be noted, though face mask offers complete protection from the large droplets, splatters, splashes, and more it doesn’t totally prevent passing of the microscopic particles there in our environment. The masks are very less effective than the respirators designed especially for clearing present airborne viruses and bacteria from inhaled breath. The face mask isn’t to be shared and re-used. The face masks are the loose-fitting masks, which cover your mouth and nose, and have got ear loops, ties and fastening bands, which clasp behind your head.

Kinds of the Medical Mask

Surgical Face Mask

This kind of the face masks are generally worn by the surgeons for the optimal protection & splash resistance to the bodily fluids

Particulate Respirator

THe face mask can be worn for the protection against the airborne particles, mist and dust

Disposable Face Mask

Such mask protects from the germs, dust particles and chemicals when offering breathability

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