Indications you should not ignore to get rid of phone hacking

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One of the main fears of most users is that their mobile is hacked. It poses a huge risk to the security and privacy of the user. Therefore, the most common thing is that certain precautions are taken, such as having an antivirus or avoiding visiting certain pages or downloading unknown files.Visit for various spying related articles.

But there may be cases when your mobile has been hacked. Normally, when this happens, our device usually shows some signals.

The phone works slow

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One of the first aspects that we have to look at is the performance of the mobile. Typically, some malware causes the phone to run slower than normal. This is something that you can clearly notice if you have a device that works at a good pace. If it’s an older phone that already has some operational issues, it may slow down more than normal. Go to for various spying related articles.

It may be a slowdown in the operation of the mobile itself. Although, it is also possible that when browsing or using applications it is slow. If it is not something caused by some system update, as it happens on some occasions, then you need to consider the probability of being hacked.

Pop-up windows

As in some cases on computers, there are some malware that usually show pop-ups on the screen. Through them, we are usually invited to carry out some action. In fact, many of them often tell us that there is a virus in our device and we need to take action against it, although it is used against us.

Therefore, if we find any of these pop-ups, it is a clear symptom that something is wrong with our Android phone.


Finally, one way that is usually used a lot to know if your mobile has been hacked is the temperature. Malware usually runs in the background on our phone. It consumes many resources, something that causes that excessive consumption of battery that we have mentioned, in addition to a consumption of data.

In case of hacking, there can be a noticeable increase in temperature. You will probably notice it at some point while using it. This is very visible if your Android phone does not usually heat up regularly. It is possible that it happens once, because you have too many processes open, or you are playing a game that consumes a lot. But, if it happening frequently, then there is a problem.

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