How Fortnite game has become a cultural phenomenon

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The fortnite game has been developed by the company named Epic Games which has become a big name in the gaming industry. This game was under development for more than 5 years of time. It was launched in the year July 2017 as an early access mode and it is popular by the name ‘Fortnite Save the World’. But it did not really grab much attention from the gamers across the world.

But later it launched another mode of the game that turned into a global phenomenon. Four months prior to the launch of this game there was a PC game named PUBG which was launched and it grabbed a lot of traction from gamers. It was made popular by word of mouth and streamed on websites like Twitch which is similar to YouTube.

The game of Fortnite was inspired by the story of a Japanese novel with the name “Battle Royale”, PUBG also has the same gaming mode which uses the same name as the novel. In this gaming mode, there are 100 players that land on a huge island via a parachute, hunting others and scavenging weapons until only one opponent should remain alive.

With progressing time in the game, there is a contracting circular border that forces players to go with each other head to head. After the success of PUBG, other top gaming companies also replicated the same thing and Fortnite from Epic Games was one of the top ones to do so.

It is a company that is well known for making the unreal engine code of video games which is licensed mainly to game developers. It is a platform-agnostic engine that can be used to make games for PC, mobile phones, and gaming consoles. This led to the success of the Fortnite Battle Royale game.

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